Polyurea surface preparation prior to application of the epoxy primer to adhere better to the surface processes such as polishing with a machine scraped the surface, and then epoxy primer and then application of polyurea. 

Polyurea spray applied waterproofing systems in isolation as a 100% solution for those who want an application system that gives you accurate results. 

Before application of surfaces dust, oil, rust, and other contaminants should be free of corrosion. The biggest cause of problems is lack of a good surface preparation in the surface coating. Surface preparation varies according to the application. Applying a primer to the cleaned surface. 

The application of primer, here's the polyurea to provide adhesion to the substrate. Polyurea spray on liner spray gun dry with the help of with the help of a certain temperature and pressure is applied. Odorless, which has the structure of the material Color is gray. We call Polyurea layer on the final stage, the application of the desired color can be done. 

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