Transparent Epoxy

It is an ideal coating type for those who want an image of glass transparency on the surface.

Transparent Epoxy, is made up of 100% resin with its transparent appearance which distingugishes it from other epoxy types. It is applied to achieve the desired appearance of the surface and to prevent any further damage. 

It has the apperance of transparent glass, so it can be a formula for the ones who want that sort of design. On the other hand, it is durable, easy to clean, and hygienic. Its high durability results from its corrosion-resistance. It also unyields humidity, heat and impacts.  It has a high adhesive strenght, low-shrinkage  and chemical endurance.

Its application fields increased more and more recently. Industrial environments, hyigene demanding sectors, homes or offices, hospitals, restaurants, cafes can be couted among the settings where it can be utilized. It takes very short time to realize the application. One reason why it is preferred is its easy reconditioning if any sort of repairment for possible damages is required in future.

It can be used more than 20 years with its long lasting structure. You can decide which type of epoxy you want by looking at the various epoxy characteristics in our epoxy category.

Step-by-step implementation

Before transparent epoxy application, the surface should be prepared in the first place. At this stage,  dirts such as dust, paint, and oil are removed from the surface  and it is reconditioned if there are any cracks, sags, and breaks.

Epoxy priming coat is applied over the surface suited for the implementation. Epoxy priming is a tie layer between the surface and painting-to-be-applied. While preparing epoxy material, at first A component is mixed  by means of low-speed confounder and then B component is added. The material is mixed until it achieves homogenity. Priming coat increases the surface's chemical and impact resistance; at the same time for the next layers, it makes it easier for them to adhere to surface.

The interlayer application finishes and, surface is to be protected from moisture, dust and air stream. It is left to dry during 8 hours. After top coat application, smoothless and flat surface is achieved depending on air temperature and ambient temperature.

Featured Features

It has chemical and mechanical durability

Application process is short

It can be applied easily

It is fast, effective and economical

It is strong against physical impacts

 It is hygienic and anti-bacterial

It does not lose its efficiency in time

It does not crack

It is environmentally friendly

It is long-lasting

Frequently Asked Questions

It has glass transparency and it is a floor coating made up of 100% racine.

It can be used in the areas such as industrial environments, hygiene demanding sectors, homes or offices, hospitals, restaurants and cafes.

It can be used as polish without damaging the textile of available surface if required. Light or convenient for pedestrian traffic.