Spray Polyurethane

The best known thermal insulation material in the world is polyurethane foam application.

Our firm does not implement spray polyurethane application solely.  To explain this application,  we can say that polyurethane foam application is sprayed directly to the surface within the logic of on-the-spot practice  and it does not allow any thermal bridge because it is jointless. As a resulf of our negotiations, we took the decision that spray polyurethane and spray polyurea water insulation application should be practised together. 

After spray polyurethane phase, polyurea is applicated  with the aim to provide both thermal insulation and water insulation. Energy efficiency is achieved  through our application which provides full protection during the four seasons and prevents the heat emission during winter. Jointless, impermeable, thermal bridge- free insulation is provided. 

Spray polyurethane application used for thermal-water insulation installations in terraces provides the advantage of  possible use more than 20 years.  It is the new generation spray insulation system for the ones who look for a permanent solution rather than a temporary one.

Step-by-step implementation

Before we begin for polyuera application, we meet our customer in the first place and take weather conditions into consideration. Everything is prepared in the right course of time with follow-up information on the weather. The roughly cleaned area handed to us for further process undergoes a delicate cleaning. After that, the priming coat is applied and left to dry during 1 day. Polyurethane foam application is implemented at a certain temperature and under certain pressure via a machine installed in our mobile vehicle. Polyurethane which is sprayed via spray gun reacts. By means of this special machine, the small pores in the size of a pinhole are covered and the application is achieved identically in the whole area.  As a result, in a very short time the application becomes completed. 

Featured Features

It provides protection against weather conditining

It protects against corrosion, rusting and abrasion

It has chemical and mechanical durability

It can be applied easily

There is no overlapping

It is adjustable to all geometric forms

It has high adhesive strength

It is scentless and solvent-free

It is fast, effective and economical

It is strong against physical impacts

Frequently Asked Questions

Polyurethane foam application is the best thermal insulation material known in the worldwide. It is jointles, impermeable, therml bridge-free.

It can be used in a wide array of settings like workplaces, houses, universities and from the base of your construction to the roof.

Polyurethane foam application has resistance to oil, petrole, chemicals, heat, freezing, decomposing, bacteria and insects.

Our prices depend on m2 and the structure of the surface. Polyurethane application is priced with polyurea application and high footage.