Spray Polyurea

Polyurea is the state-of-the-art waterproofing and flooring material offering the exact solution.

Spray Polyurea will be a solution for the ones who can't get satisfying results from water insulation even though they have it applied each year.

The material which we call spray polyurea is used as a material both for water insulation and floor coating. In a way, while having water insulation done you will have surface coating applied as well. In that respect, this fact plays a key role why spray polyurea application is preferred.

Spray Polyurea is a life-long material which provides countless advantages when compared to other cheap materials known. Polyurea, which can be used more than 20-25 years, shows the very ability of 400% elasticity against chemicals, impacts and environmental factors. Because it is applied through spraying, it dries fast.

Since the material is applied  like pool covering -this covering even includes the parapets-there will be no gaps left for possible escape water points. Spray polyurea is one piece and jointless. It shows durability against physical and chemical impacts by filling milimetric gaps.

This odourless material has gray colour. Yet, there is the opportunity for application of all the colors thanks to top coat application. Polyurea can prove its elasticity even under very low temperatures by demonstrating durability between the temperatures of -30 and +60.

Spray Polyurea, the recent water insulation material used in the world, provides 100% full solution for future water problems in all settings.

Step-by-step implementation

Before we start the polyurea application, we add the result of the meetings with our customers to do list and follow up information on fair weather conditions. In regard to these, the surface which is going to be applied with polyurea  in due course is prepared for the implementation.

After the area is roughly cleaned and given to us, a delicate cleaning is provided. In the following, the priming coat is applied  and left to dry during one day. On the next day, the hose ( approximately 60 meters) is pulled via a machine installed in our mobile vehicle. Insulation material is applied to the surface at a certain temperature and under pressure through spraying method via spray gun. After 4 seconds since the material is applied, it reacts and starts to dry. At the end of the application, the area is re-opened for use and delivered to the customer.

Although our standard color is gray, topcoat  is applicable in a wide variety of colours.  The material can be used more than 20-25 years in confidence. It is guaranteed for 4 years. We support our customers in each step during all processes before and afterwards.

Featured Features

100% water impermeability

It provides protection against weather conditining

It protects against corrosion, rusting and abrasion

Application process is short

It can be applied easily

It resists against overtemperature

There is no overlapping

It is adjustable to all geometric forms

It has high adhesive strength

It has EOTA Certificate lasting for 25 years

Frequently Asked Questions

Polyurea can be used on wet surfaces like terraces and roofs, balconies and bathooms; for pools, parking lots, water reservoirs, hotels, factories, workplaces, malls; bridge, road and tunnels, and for all sorts of surface coatings.

Yes, color choice is available. You can choose any color in conformity with your preference from our RAL chart for the areas of 100 m2 and over.Except this, we offer our help for color choices. Our standard color is gray.

The material which we call polyurea is an application which mesures up to approximately 2 mm. It has enough thickness for water insulation application.

Polyurea is a material used more than 30 years in the world. It can be used reliably more than 20-25 years. Our firm guarantee is valid for 5 years.

Yes, you can have coatings like tiles and ceramics applied on polyurea as you wish.