Injection waterproofing is a system applied to lift pits and water leakage structures in the negative direction.

Injection is the latest method applied to the water leak and escape water problems that we can come across in the old and new buildings in these days.

If you are faced with escape water or leak problem and can't find the right solution, the best method is injection water insulation. Water starts to come out of the surface with the emergence of pressure water in the settings like basements. In such situations, the best method is to find the exact spot from which the water finds its way. It should be paid attention essentially to provide the best application.

We provide injection water insulation for the occurring problems not only in workplaces or in basements but also in lift shafts as well. Injection can penetrate very rapidly; so,  it is preferred by the majority since it provides a fast solution. For it is applied as one piece this problem-free application covers all the cracks.

In this way, construction is protected from the negative effects of water and humidity. The material does not lose its efficiency over time and provides full protection under all weather conditions. Because it does not require any exterior intervention, it is very timesaving and economical.

We inject polymer material to the void or to the crack where there is water leak to stop escape water or water leaks in the hairline cracks, joint gaps, small-big voids on the concrete and natural buildings. During the application process, the injected material becomes squeezed in the void and reacts in a very short time and fills all the gaps by expanding up to 40 times.

Step-by-step implementation

Before beginning injection water insulation application,  we detect the source of water leak in the area where the application will  be put into action. It is very important to detect it properly since water leak and escape water can be resulted from very different causes in each construction. Our application is practised by injecting the polymer material into the void or crack where water leak occurs. In the first step the voids are opened at  regular intervals in accordance with the gap from which the water finds its way.

Injection material is filled inside these new opened voids via our special machine. The material squeezed inside the area  expands up to 40 times by reacting in a very short time and it excellently covers the gaps where water leaks. For the material is squeezed inside it continues to expand through reacting with water as  it comes. By this way, water flowing  to the surface of the structure stops.  

Our firm supports you on every step with its expert staff and the latest technologic model machines for injection system. 

Featured Features

It provides protection against weather conditining

It protects against corrosion, rusting and abrasion

It has chemical and mechanical durability

It is scentless and solvent-free

It is fast, effective and economical

It does not lose its efficiency in time

It does not crack

It provides fast solution

It is environmentally friendly

It is long-lasting

Frequently Asked Questions

It can be used for all the constructions where water leak and escape water can occur such as lift shafts, basements, buildings, tunnels, dams, all conrete buildings and also for the insulation of each construction that inhabits water.

Yes, it can be provided with a successful application. It can totally eliminate outdoor water leaks in a very economical and efficient way.

No, with a good systematic application method, injection water insulation does not lose its efficiency in time. Yet, only the ones who have full knowledge about the process should practise this application.

It impedes the water from penetrating the concrete in comparison to other insulation materials. It eliminates the water leaks from inside in a permanent and economical manner.