It is used as epoxy, chemical resin and some kind of surface coating product.

Epoxy floor coating, is used as a chemical resin and  a sort of coating product. It is highly resistant to acids, alkalis and water, and does not lose this durability over time. 

It is more preferred recently because of its decorative appearance. Epoxy floor coating is used frequently in the settings which require an appealing to the eye such as hospitals, factories, school floors, workplaces both in the worldwide and in our country. Among its advantages, we can count its being economical and easy surface cleaning.  It can be preferred in the places which are required to be hygienic such as hospitals, laboratories and schools.  It does not attract dust and the surface does not absorb oil and water. 

Epoxy floor coating, is the best chemical floor coating in terms of impermeability with its positive characteristics and resins. It can be used in an aim to  fill and inject the cracks and voids in the rough fields likes building industry. It can even be utilized in another rough field -maritime  sector-. Because the application process is very short,  and  reconditioning is easy if any sort of repairment for possible damages is required in future and also because it offers a variety of color choices, it is a well-qualified application. With its long-lasting structure, it can be utilized more than 20 years.  More, it has impact resistance.

Epoxy floor coating, creating a seamless surface,  does not lose its resistance in the course of time. Considering all these characteristics, it will be preferred more and more in the following years.

Step-by-step implementation

Before we start for the application,  epoxy is added to our list in the consequence of the meetings with our customers. Application is realized via two -component material. In the first place, dust and dirt are removed from the surface, on which floor coating will be applied, through a delicate cleaning. 

The ferraconcrete surface- cleaned, repaired ( cracks and expansion joints) and free of humidity and water problems- is suited to priming coat in the first step.  The surface, on which priming coat is applied, is left to dry for 8 hours at minimum.  In the following, interlayer application is implemented.

After the completion of interlayer application, with  top coat process,  floor coating is achieved at the same time. The material is cured rapidly; so, the waiting process is shortened in the utilities where the production still continues. That's how it minimizes the possible loss of production during the process of application.

Featured Features

It protects against corrosion, rusting and abrasion

It has chemical and mechanical durability

Application process is short

It can be applied easily

It is fast, effective and economical

It is strong against physical impacts

 It is hygienic and anti-bacterial

It does not lose its efficiency in time

It has a smoothless surface structure

It is long-lasting

Frequently Asked Questions

Epoxy floor coating has a wide array of application fields like factories, houses or offices, hospitals, workshops, storerooms, restaurants, cafes, pharmeutical plants, aircraft hangars, automative factories and etc.

It is solvent-free. Smoothless surface is achieved. It does not lose its resistance in time. It can be cleaned easily with its aesthetique appearance. Dust will not be attracted.

It is resistant against impacts, alcohol and chemicals. It does not break or tear apart. It outperforms physically.

In our firm, we have two types of epoxy: orange-peel(rough),and self (straight). The price depends on m2.