Anti-Bacterial Epoxy

Water, acid, alkaline resistance is a good choice of epoxy flooring.

Being a chemical resin belonging to thermoset group, anti-bacterial epoxy is highly resistant to water, acids, alkalis. Aside from that, it is durable to various chemicals and forklift can be used on this anti-bacterial coating material. 

Water can not penetrate, it is corrosion-resistant. It provides the surface with 100% hygiene after completing its chemical reaction.  It can be applied as one piece in a variety of colours at your preference on all kinds of surfaces. 

Since it is shiny, water impermeable and highly chemical resistant, its capacity for corrosion and friction durability is outperforming. It can be utilized in industrial cuisines, food production factories, storerooms, packing plants, chemical and pharmeutical plants and all other sectors with hyigenic demands.

Anti-bacterial epoxy is non -dusting and anti-microbial. Making life much more easier for people, epoxy floor coating is  very economical. This life long lining can be used reliably over many years.

Step-by-step implementation

Before starting for application,  at first, the surface should be prepared. At this point, dirts such as dust, paint and oil are removed from the surface.  If there is any sag, crack or breakage, it is reconditioned. 

Epoxy priming coat is applied over the surface suited for the implementation. Epoxy priming is a tie layer between the surface and painting-to-be-applied. While preparing epoxy material, in the first place A component is mixed  by means of low-speed confounder and then B component is added. The material is mixed until it achieves homogenity. Priming coat increases the surface's chemical and impact resistance; at the same time for the next layers, it makes it easier for them to adhere to surface.

After interlayer application, surface should be protected from humidity, dust and air stream. It dries during 8 hours. In the following of top coat application, it is also left to dry depending on air temperature and ambient temperature.

Featured Features

It is fast, effective and economical

It is strong against physical impacts

 It is hygienic and anti-bacterial

It does not lose its efficiency in time

It has a smoothless surface structure

Frequently Asked Questions

It is preferred in packing and store rooms, chemical and pharmeutical plants, hygiene demanding sectors, industrial cuisines, fresh and dry food factories.

For it is non-dusting and anti-microbial it can be used reliably in hygiene demanding environments.

Yes, it is a material with high resistance. It has water and alkali durability to a higher degree. It is water impermeable and it has chemical resistance.