Target and Principles

We Defined Our Route 

The function of the target and tenants for Doğruer Yapı isto make us take action bythinkinglike a chess player.We are very much conscious of the difficulty of coming up with a strategythat will carry us in the long term. Through controlling the moves of our rivals in the areas we show activity, we foresee when we should act and what step should be taken, and this is something which brings us the success. In regard to this,we can claim that we are fast and smart to make a difference in this rivalry.

Following our tenants,we move forward by taking the right decisions in the direction that our compass leads usby making our individual talents meet at a common point. To be able to offer the better, we not onlysearch for the new ideas but also support and apply them in our projects. As a result, our enterprise can see the end of the road at its target by being in the knowledge of the steps taken. 

  1. We follow the innovations

    Our enterprise aims to enhance our  production quality and follows the worldwide improvements.

  2. We care about our customers

    We, in our enterprise, not only respect our work but also the people. Bounded up with the ethical values, we are very open and honest.

  3. We aim for the best

    Our goal is to make each job better and more different than the previous one. 

  4. We maintain our values

    Our relations are built upon the trust bilateral and we never compromise from our tenant- which is to be trustworthy

  5. We are an enterprise open to the innovation

     We are extending our market territory and never hesitate to try what is different.