Message of The Founder

Dear readers,

It is my pleasure to offer you my greetings here. After the year 2008 when I took my first step in this sector by beginning with "Polyurea" and "Polyurethane", my journey extended its borders by stretching itself to the sectors of construction and building.

The knowledge I gained about water insulation in the course of these five years enabled me to give answers to your questions such as "what kind of solution can we come up with?" and to detect the problems in relation to the construction itself and to make the right choice in the use of materials. The fact that I can provide you with the answers confidently makes me feel proud. 

From the year 2013,  my journey started to serve under the name of " Doğruer Insulation". In a very short period of time, I took the initiative to found "Doğruer Yapı" to realize my aim and in 2017, " Doğruer Yapı" was founded.

By observing the situation how the people prefer old methods for water insulation and how considerable amounts they spend although they can not get a satisfactory solution, I couldn't stay indifferent anymore. When I took my first step in this sector, my goal was to instruct more people about the problems of contsruction, floor covering, the construction insulation and water insulation that exist in Turkey. 

In fact, in regard to the result of my works which demonstrated me the way how to solve the occurring problems in this sector and in accompaniment of the positive feedback that I got from you, our firm proved that it progresses toward the better in this sector. 

In the constitution of "Doğruer Yapı",  what is prevalent is the respect and the responsibility. In conformity with these tenants, all the members of our team are the very individuals who work in team spirit and put forth their efficient efforts through thinking in a solution oriented manner. In our young and dynamic spirit,  we can deliver our projects to our customers in 100% confidence in a short period of time.

We have proved that our foundation is open to the changes, adjusting to the technical innovations by preserving a systematic team work, as the processes change with each passing day. On this road that we are walking to reach our strategic goals, our target is to be the leader by making a difference in the areas we show activity. 

Our next aim as an enterprise from this moment on is to make our steps more concrete by putting the customers' interests in the first place  and  foregrounding the needs and the demands of the sector and to make our improvement lasting and continuous by extending the palette of our services in water insulation along with reaching a large public.

Best regards,

Hakan Doğruer