Human Resources

Processıng Process

In our operating system, we as Doğruer Yapı Human Resources, grow fast with our dynamic and qualified employees by each day. While trying to reach the perfection that we aim through the products and services we offer, we also make a difference by caring about our employees.  Our main drive is the policy of respect that we have for our job and we continue to manage our firm without giving upon on our values.


Human Resources: Our policy in relation to the recruitment 

What forms the basis of our policy for recruitment, in accordance with our analyses in regard to the needs, is to plan manpower efficiently and appropriately and to choose the right people whose values overlap with the ones of our enterprise. 

We offer career opportunities to our employees

As a firm with the aim of training its own managers, we share the career opportunities primarily with our own employees and provide them with horizontal and vertical business opportunities. 

We construct the process of recruitement transparently

In case of the job openings, the criteria and methods defined in terms of positioning are used to manage the best placement by the recruitment department.