Our institutional process, beginning from 2008, carried us to the point where we are standing currently. We feel very happy about seeing our dreams come alive in the following of  the first step taken. As Doğruer Yapı, we extended our activity area by being open to learning.

Aside from the institutional growth  we can produce innovative solutions as a result of our decisions which we take together with our courage and without losing our enterprising spirit. We draw new routes for us by overcoming the handicaps with our decisive and honest steps.

For Doğruer Yapı family, what counts is love and respect. The magic lying behind the point we have reached today  is all about how our employees  come up with proactive solutions, understand one another and play a constructive role for the occurring problems. Most importantly, we owe this success to our values what make us "us" and which lead us to reach our "today". In the end, we feel very thankful.


      "The success is a matter of compliment for everybody. But not for us. Success for Doğruer Yapı family is all about happiness. We continue to achieve good projects to be happier and to make happy."