Our brand story
First Steps

The first base of our sectoral life is given start under the guidance of Hakan Dogruer's own experiences and practises which he gained through with his active participation in the field.

We imrove our knowledge

With the awareness of the fact that our treasure is the very new knowledge we gain, we managed to bring our applications to the professional level. Our experiences became our guide on this journey.

The production begins

Hakan Doğruer wanted to start this enterprise with the notion of making a difference in our country in the area of waterproofing and floor coating, and the first steps were taken, which brought us to where we are today. By closely following the updates in the worldwide, we started to use the newest technology machines.

Our enterprise grows in the sector

In the following of the start of the foundation process of Doğruer Insulation, we took part in many groundbreaking developments in this sector and excelled all our rivals. With the palette of a wide range of products in the systems of Spray-insulation, our success in this field made a difference in a very short period of time.

Doğruer Yapı is founded

We decided to pile up our knowledge, accumulated up to date, under the same roof with a wide range of services. With the guidance of the tenants gained by extending the sphere of its activity, "Dogruer Yapı" brightens the road on which it moves forward.

We have spread to Turkey

We give up goals better and have made strides on behalf of Turkey serve all over the world. As the first process, our Antalya branch was opened and started to serve. More of our processes in order to serve the dealership continues to work in different provinces.