Secret Stream Waterproofing

In concealed stream waterproofing applications, our company provides isolation solution with polyurea which is the most durable material.

One of the biggest problems experienced in detonation is insulation problems. Previously poor quality isolation applications will cause the existing problems to continue because of the lack of adequate and smooth application to the hidden creeks and gutters. The application of spray polyurea coating is much shorter and faster than the application of other insulating materials. In other coatings outside the polyurea, the preparation stages and post-application drying, such as opening the area, take a long time.

Secret Stream Waterproofing

Modifications such as preparatory stages, dismantling operations will be both laborious and challenging. This will not be the case in polyurea coating applications. The concealed stream has a high level of resistance as it is applied with temperature and pressure by means of polyurea machine for water insulation. Always protect the structure. Once you have chosen the polyurea application, you will not need to isolate again. 

Since the material is applied as a spray, the attachment is irrelevant. The detail such as the steep stream offers equal application in each zone in the areas required. There is no space on the floor covering of a single piece where water can pass. It has over 400% elasticity. It is resistant to physical and chemical substances. Thanks to this feature, it does not crack or crack when heavy load is applied on the unbreakable. As soon as the application is completed, the space usage can be opened without losing time. 

Secret Creek

Depending on the weather conditions, polyurea can be used for water, snow, hail, protect against all processes. Polyurea has the ability to remain flexible even at very low temperatures, as well as high resistance to environmental conditions. Polyurea not only protects against these conditions but also protects against the factors such as moisture, humidity, mold, rust, corrosion. Thus, polyurea, which is sufficient for waterproofing alone, can provide high quality insulation in hidden streams and gutters, which seem to be unsolvable in detonation.

Our company has realized the difference with the polyurea quality in the applications of the secret waterproofing of the creek. You can contact us on 0532 292 51 83 for information on your secret creek applications.