Polyurethane Injection Prices

Polyurethane injection prices are determined on the basis of the kg price determined by each firm in the sector. 

If you are faced with water leakage and leaking problem, if you can not find any correct solution, the right method is injection water isolation. In general, the water problems experienced in basement floors, which seem to be unsolvable, can be solved by injection method. In the parking lots and elevator wells, polyurethane injection solutions are provided at the water outlets. In the same way, the polyurethane injection material method is used for this situation which is experienced in waste water depots and treatment plants.

Injection is preferred by most people because it is a quick solution because it is very fast. Because it is applied in one piece, it closes the cracks with a smooth application. Since no external intervention is required, both time and economic savings are achieved. The material does not lose its characteristic over time and maintains the same structure for years. In polyurethane injection applications, our company is doing the right application after having determined the problems first with its experienced employees in this regard.

Polyurethane Injection Prices

In such cases, the most accurate method is to determine where the water comes from. This situation must be taken into consideration in order to be able to make a correct application. It is important at this point to make the right determination because water leaks and leaks in all structures originate from different causes. In our application, the polymer material is injected into the cavity or crack where the water leaks. In the application phase, the injected material is trapped in the area and reacts in a short time, expanding to 40 kata and completely filling and filling the gaps where the water leaks.

The price of the polyurethane injection will be given over the price of kg after it is decided which area to apply first. Because the gap between concrete is not visible, companies do not know how much material will go from the beginning. In this case, the amount of material is determined at the end of the work in order to determine the price is multiplied by the price of kg. You can call us for information about polyurethane injection prices.