Polyurea Price

The price range of polyurea varies according to the usage area and m2 to be applied.

Polyurea which is waterproofing and flooring application is the last quality insulation material used in the world. In recent years, waterproofing problems have been frequently encountered in the terraces, roofs and balconies of the houses. This is why the materials used are of poor quality and cheap choice. Polyurea prices may also vary in our country, taking into account each firm's budget release and material and workmanship. Our company not only chooses the latest quality products but also helps its customers in pricing.

Leaving the insulation materials used in previous years and using the last quality products will give you more in the long run. Due to the inadequate insulation of other insulation materials and limited usage areas, materials that produce faster solutions thanks to advancing technology took place in the sector. The spray polyurea application, which is at the beginning of these, provided a great advantage in fields such as terraces, factories, parking areas where both water insulation and floor covering are required. 

Polyurea Price

Apart from this, application as a spray has equal application service to each area. The ability to use the space within a short time has saved us a great deal of time. Although Polyurea is more expensive than other affordable products, it gives you more than 100% certainty with its solution. Usage areas are increasing day by day as they can be colored as desired. In addition to its physical and chemical superiority, it has a high level of resistance against all impacts, environmental conditions, rain, sun, etc.

When making a bid for Polyurea, we will inform our customers about the area where the application is to be made, the size of m2 and the ground conditions. It is more appropriate to give the price to the customer specially in accordance with it because the dimensions of the terrace area, the floor condition of the roof, the parking area or the factory floor are different and the covering materials are different. Discovery is being made in advance of the area where the polyurea application is to be carried out. In the case of the recipe made, price information is given considering the preparation process or necessary modifications in the application phase.