Insulation is one of the important points that is missing in our country and needs to be addressed for the insulation sector.

The main problem encountered in 90% of the houses built in our country is the problem of water insulation. There is a water insulation problem for every building, whether old or new. At the same time, water, which is the main source of our life, can cause isolation problems as well as antagonism. The basic constraint of the apartments on the top floors of the site, apartment, or workplace is that they do not use the space as they would like with the flow of the terrace or the roof. In the same way, the isolation problems experienced during the winter periods show that not only the top floor residents but also a good isolation should be done along with the running of water up to the apartment building.

The materials we use as isolation or other insulation in our country serve as protective shields against adverse factors that may come from outside. Finding the right quality product has a big deal in this regard. With the wrong product selection, you are paying unnecessarily and you can not get the result you want. Decide if the material you choose for insulation is a product of the latest quality standards. The next step is to negotiate with a strong company with experienced references in this regard. Polyurea, the most preferred waterproofing material, will not suffer you with its high performance.


Because of the convenience of use for each area and each structure, all the seemingly unresolved troubles are left behind. It can be used in pools, balconies, wet areas, hidden decks, grooves, water tanks, water treatment facilities, etc. In addition to being used as water insulation, it is frequently preferred as floor coverings in factory floors, parking areas, vehicle cabinets and underground applications. Polyurea, which is used more than 10 years in the world, carries quality with advanced technological developments.

Spray application as insulation material and it is advantageous for the enterprises thanks to opening of the area in a short time. It is resistant to water, tonnage, pressure, and shrinkage with 400% flexing. With its unbonded, unstructured and unstructured structure, polyurea will soon be preferred by everyone in our country as waterproofing and flooring material. You can get quality service by contacting our company for your insulation applications.