Epoxy Floor

Epoxy flooring is one of the most preferred types of surface coatings because of its appearance in our country.

Epoxy coating resins are also a good ground for impermeability due to their positive properties. The ease of use is frequently applied within the sector due to the desired color and variety of applications. Epoxy is a quality floor covering that does not lose its resistance over time. Applicable on all surfaces and resistant to environmental influences. For many years to be preferred in our country is to offer ease of use.

Epoxy application can also be used to fill or paste cracks and cavities in challenging areas such as the building industry. Suitable for areas where vehicle traffic is heavy, such as parking lots. It is an application for hygienic and constantly clean areas such as hospitals, laboratories, schools, offices, workplaces. Due to the rapid curing of the material, it shortens the waiting times at the plants that the production is already undergoing, thus minimizing the production losses that may occur during the application.

Epoxy Floor

With the epoxy types you can apply your chosen epoxy application. It is often preferred because it is similar to the orange shell with the orange-patterned epoxy image of the epoxy floor types. The orange peel is a non-slip on the surface due to the pattern and contents left on the epoxy type surface. It is suitable for areas such as warehouses, workshops, food production factories, ports, shipyards, industry, textile factories, sewage and wastewater facilities, hangars, parking lots.

Self leveling epoxy is a floor coating that makes new concrete floors or worn, pitted, damaged concrete floor surfaces brighter, dense and smoother. Transparent epoxy is 100% resinous with transparent appearance, unlike other epoxy types. It has the appearance of glass transparency. Those who want a transparent look may prefer it. Antibacterial epoxy flooring application is generally suitable for use in areas where hygiene is desired, in dry and wet food factories, integrated meat plants, hospitals, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, industrial kitchens, packaging and storage areas.

There are many types of epoxy floor applications and you can choose the appropriate epoxy application by examining the epoxy category on our site. For information about our prices, you can contact us at the phone numbers listed in the contact section.